14.State and prove the translation property of 2D-DFT

Thursday, 5 December 2013

14.State and prove the translation property of 2D-DFT

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The translation properties of the Fourier transform pair are
Where the double arrow indicates the correspondence between a function and its Fourier
Equation (1) shows that multiplying f(x, y) by the indicated exponential term and taking
the transform of the product results in a shift of the origin of the frequency plane to the point (uo,

Consider the equation (1) with uo = vo = N/2 or
                                              exp[j2Π(uox + voy)/N] = ejΠ(x + y)
                                                                                   = (-1)(x + y)
                                          f(x, y)(-1)x+y = F(u – N/2, v – N/2)

Thus the origin of the Fourier transform of f(x, y) can be moved to the center of its
corresponding N x N frequency square simply by multiplying f(x, y) by (-1)x+y . In the one
variable case this shift reduces to multiplication of f(x) by the term (-1)x. Note from equation (2)
that a shift in f(x, y) does not affect the magnitude of its Fourier transform as,

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