Monday, 24 December 2012

All USSD codes for idea cellular kerala

Here is the list of all USSD codes of Idea cellular mobile kerala.

#19 =>Activate 19Rs plan(10p local sms and 10p/min call to 1 idea number)
 *43#  => Activate call waiting
*111# => Menu to activate various packs.
 *121# => Know balance
*122# => Show various available offers
*123# => For knowing balance amount
*125# => Idea GPRS data balance (both 3G and 2G)
*129# => Menu for dialer tone activation, song selection,song search. 
*131*<10 digit mobile num>*<12 digit voucher num># =>To recharge another number from your mobile using a voucher card
*139# => Railway enquiry menu.
*147# => Idea self care-Idea menu for information about plans,offers etc
*150*<plan amount># => For 3G and 2G data plan activation 
*150*10# => Idea Rs 10 loan, Rs 13.80 deducted from next recharge
*150*06# => 30 MB Data loan, Rs 5 to be recovered from next recharge
*150*773# => 20 MB loan, Rs 6.9 deducted from next recharge.
*161*3# => To know your special offers.
 *165*5# =>Idea 5 rs loan, Rs 6.50 deducted from next recharge.
*165*30# => make local idea calls at 40ps for  Rs 2/day
*165*69# =>Make gulf calls at Rs.6.99 for Rs 5/day
*165*57# =>Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (5am- 7am)
*165*79# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (7am- 9am)
*165*911# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (9am- 11am)
*165*111# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (11am- 1pm)
 *165*13# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (1pm- 3pm)
 *165*35# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (3pm- 5pm)
*167*1# => To view free benefits
*167*2# => To view tariff benefits
*167*3# => To view usage benefits
*167*4# => To view loan benefits
*191# => To view various offers
*191*mobile-number# =>To register FF phone number in 19Rs plan or other plans.
*222# => menu to activate different packs in Malayalam,Hindi etc 
*300# => menu for different packs. 
*333*5# => Activate missed call alert @7rs/week
*325# => To login into facebook 
*400# => Idea my cash by axis bank.
*444# => To know balance and validity of SIM
*454# => Idea gaming portal
*456# => Horoscope menu.
*457*<12 digit voucher># =>To recharge your number using voucher 
*466# => Google Lite
*505# =>Dialer tone, Idea mood DT portal. 
*510# => Get incoming calls free on roaming for 1 day @ Rs 5, to activate reply 1.
*515# => Twitter on USSD 
*540# => MyTone , charges @ Rs 30 / 30 days
*555# => Menu to activate different packs.
*566# => Pack at Rs 3
*567# => Idea TV daily pack
*595# => State bank mobile banking 
*598# => Idea mobile banking for various banks, Idea Mycash
*678# => Idea video alerts @ Rs 30/month 
*689# => Visa-QA , Visa-CTE
*694# => Activate various offer packs.
*777# => subscribe to daily cricket pack @ Rs 5/ match day. To confirm press 1.
*786# => Activate Gulf call pack ( UAE , Saudi , Bahrain & Kuwait) @ 7.86 / min
*789# => To know your mobile number and date of activation of your connection
*800# => Menu to activate all 2G , 3G data plans.
*800*<plan amount># => GPRS plan activation, deducted from your account.
*800*08# =>activate 20 mins unlimited 3G plan
*800*25# => Current GPRS plan deactivation.
*801# => Idea Classifieds.
*888# => Menu for Dialer Tone and song select. 
*900# => Daily cricket pack @ Rs 5 / match day
*988# =>Idea family connect.Can know your current location.Get free sms of current location address
*999# => Menu to subscribe to various packs.  
*999*5#=>listen to unlimited love songs from 7pm to 7am @ Rs3/day
I have tested in Kerala network.If you know more and any change in above then comment below.
Not all of them tested in Datacard USSD , But will work through mobile.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Finding Fast LCM of three or more numbers

Even if we are studying LCM (Least Common Multiple) in our lower classes, We need to apply it in most of the mathematical problems in higher levels and competitive examinations. So here i will explain what is an LCM. How to find the LCM of two or more numbers and finally the technique to find it fast and easily.

LCM is the value,when we take the multiples of two numbers and choose a common multiple of the two numbers which is the least. Looking the figure below you gets the idea.

Lets take two numbers 2 and 8. we list the multiples of both as shown below

So i have marked the common multiples of both the numbers using blue circles and the LCM is the Lowest of that common multiples and here it is 8 and i have marked it with red. So the LCM of 2 and 8 is 8.

similarly i am showing below the LCM of three numbers lets take 4,6, and 8

Here the lowest common multiples of these three numbers is 24.

This is the concept of LCM.

Now we are making a technique to find this fast and easily.
 So we can improve the speed of finding LCM in various entrance tests, bank exams, aptitude tests and all.

This technique will be useful to finding LCM of bigger numbers, so lets take to bigger numbers 24 and 64,so to find LCM for this with new technique ,follow the steps

1. First we find the factors of the terms instead of multiples like shown below

 and find the greatest of that factors(GCF) instead of lowest. That is 8 here.

2.Now we divide the first number with GCF as shown below

we get answer as 3.

3. Now to find LCM just multiply this answer to the other number!!!

So just watch how easily we get the LCM without writing all the multiples and finding the lowest of them.So the LCM of 24 and 64 is 192.

Now we will see how to apply this to three numbers:

Just take one more number, so we want to find the LCM of  24, 64 and 36

So first we find the LCM of 24 and 64 as shown we get it as 192. Now we do the LCM of 192 and 36 similarly. so we get the LCM of 24, 64, and 36 as shown below.

so we get the LCM of 24 , 64, and 36 as 576. Similarly we can do LCM of more numbers fast and easily.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


The Latest revised 2G GPRS prepaid plans in kerala circle are given below

Recharge Value Data Usage Bundled Service Validity
7 35 MB/ Day
Use *150*07#
350 MB 
124 620 MB
Use *150*124#
154 750 MB
Use *150*154#
179 1 GB , use *150*179# 28
201 Unlimited Internet
Post 1.25 GB - 40 kbps speed
Post 2.25 GB - 20 kbps speed
Use *150*201#
257 Unlimited Internet.
Post 2 GB - 40 kbps speed
Post 3 GB - 20 kbps speed
398 Unlimited Internet.
Post 3 GB - 40 kbps speed
Post 4 GB - 20 kbps speed

 **  updated 20/8/15 .The plans may change, i am not responsible for plan change.call idea customer care for more info NO:458 in kerala.Some are only coupon recharges,ask in the shop where you recharge, if i came to know i may update.

To know all idea USSD codes click here.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Know if any 3G network coverage available in my area using your 3G datacard

 Do you have questions like..

How to check if i have 3G network coverage in my area? 
How do i know if i am in a 3G network area?
Did anybody provide 3G in my area?

There is an easy method to find out if any of the operators in your area provides 3G. just put any sim be it 2G or 3G in your datacard. I am using Huawei E303C here. You can try in other models also.

 Now after putting your sim card, click on settings-->options as shown below

Now click options and select network,that is 0ptions-->network as shown below

In the network type select 'WCDMA preferred' and then click on 'Registration mode' tab above as shown below then select 'manual search and register' then click the refresh button below as shown
It will search for networks available in your area and wait for some time it will display all the available networks in your area as shown below.(click on image to see clearly)
 Now we understood there is one 3G network available in my area and that is idea only. so just buy an idea sim activate 3G and use 3G :).If you didnt get any 3G network shown in the scan then no operator provides 3G in your area, also if the range of 3G is low then also it will not show any 3G network, so scan again placing the datacard at some other position. You may get a 3G network,otherwise no 3G yet in your area. Scan more times placing your datacard at different location if you know 3G is available in a near by town which is around only a few kilometer from u,may get a weak signal.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Using 2G/3G modem in ubuntu,Linux mint

Sakis3g is a great tool to help u to connect to internet.It recognizes almost all types of  2G/3G modems.

1) Download latest version of sakis3g.gz from its official website- www.sakis3g.org

2) Install sakis3g.gz
     a) open terminal, change current directory to that directory where the sakis3g.gz is

     b) In terminal, type-
         gunzip sakis3g.gz

     c) After that, type-
         sudo chmod +x sakis3g

     d) After that, type-
          ./sakis3g --interactive

 It will install sakis3g script and start the GUI window of sakis3g

 3) Connect modem
     a) Click on First option- Connect with 3G

     b) Select usb device

     c) Select your modem from the list appears.

     d) After that it will automatic configure the modem, and then it will ask about APN-
         Enter the APN provided by your operator in the box.

     e) It will ask about username-
          Enter the username provided by your operator.
          Click OK

      Note:If no username or password required then use something u like.Some username/password
              should be given otherwise it will exit.

      f) It will ask about password.
           Enter the password provided by operator.
           Click OK

      g) If all the things are going well, then it will success message as "connected".
            Click OK to return to MAIN MENU.
       Now You are connected to internet.
 4) You can create a shortcut of sakis3g to your desktop using the menu if u want.

 5) sakis3g configuration file -
       No need to enter APN, username and password every time you connect.

       For this we have to create a file named 'sakis3g.conf' file in /etc directory and then add these lines to it-

Note:The exact location or the path to sakis3g.conf is /etc/sakis3g.conf
I am giving an example here for the provider BSNL, Change as necessary for your provider
custom.apn.name => bsnlnet
so the lines become

If you didn't make this file then it will ask for APN, username and password each time you connect, that's all.It is not necessary/mandatory to make this file for sakis3g to work.