Know if any 3G network coverage available in my area using your 3G datacard

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Know if any 3G network coverage available in my area using your 3G datacard

 Do you have questions like..

How to check if i have 3G network coverage in my area? 
How do i know if i am in a 3G network area?
Did anybody provide 3G in my area?

There is an easy method to find out if any of the operators in your area provides 3G. just put any sim be it 2G or 3G in your datacard. I am using Huawei E303C here. You can try in other models also.

 Now after putting your sim card, click on settings-->options as shown below

Now click options and select network,that is 0ptions-->network as shown below

In the network type select 'WCDMA preferred' and then click on 'Registration mode' tab above as shown below then select 'manual search and register' then click the refresh button below as shown
It will search for networks available in your area and wait for some time it will display all the available networks in your area as shown below.(click on image to see clearly)
 Now we understood there is one 3G network available in my area and that is idea only. so just buy an idea sim activate 3G and use 3G :).If you didnt get any 3G network shown in the scan then no operator provides 3G in your area, also if the range of 3G is low then also it will not show any 3G network, so scan again placing the datacard at some other position. You may get a 3G network,otherwise no 3G yet in your area. Scan more times placing your datacard at different location if you know 3G is available in a near by town which is around only a few kilometer from u,may get a weak signal.


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