Using 2G/3G modem in ubuntu,Linux mint

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Using 2G/3G modem in ubuntu,Linux mint

Sakis3g is a great tool to help u to connect to internet.It recognizes almost all types of  2G/3G modems.

1) Download latest version of sakis3g.gz from its official website-

2) Install sakis3g.gz
     a) open terminal, change current directory to that directory where the sakis3g.gz is

     b) In terminal, type-
         gunzip sakis3g.gz

     c) After that, type-
         sudo chmod +x sakis3g

     d) After that, type-
          ./sakis3g --interactive

 It will install sakis3g script and start the GUI window of sakis3g

 3) Connect modem
     a) Click on First option- Connect with 3G

     b) Select usb device

     c) Select your modem from the list appears.

     d) After that it will automatic configure the modem, and then it will ask about APN-
         Enter the APN provided by your operator in the box.

     e) It will ask about username-
          Enter the username provided by your operator.
          Click OK

      Note:If no username or password required then use something u like.Some username/password
              should be given otherwise it will exit.

      f) It will ask about password.
           Enter the password provided by operator.
           Click OK

      g) If all the things are going well, then it will success message as "connected".
            Click OK to return to MAIN MENU.
       Now You are connected to internet.
 4) You can create a shortcut of sakis3g to your desktop using the menu if u want.

 5) sakis3g configuration file -
       No need to enter APN, username and password every time you connect.

       For this we have to create a file named 'sakis3g.conf' file in /etc directory and then add these lines to it-

Note:The exact location or the path to sakis3g.conf is /etc/sakis3g.conf
I am giving an example here for the provider BSNL, Change as necessary for your provider => bsnlnet
so the lines become

If you didn't make this file then it will ask for APN, username and password each time you connect, that's all.It is not necessary/mandatory to make this file for sakis3g to work.


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