Digital Image Processing Notes study material - Table of contents

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Digital Image Processing Notes study material - Table of contents

Hi Everyone I am sharing my lecture notes on Digital Image Processing. Bookmark this page and check back frequently more questions will be added.

Table of Contents:-

11. Define Fourier Transform and its inverse.

12. Define discrete Fourier transform and its inverse.

13.State and prove separability property of 2D-DFT.

14.State and prove the translation property of 2D-DFT

15.State distributivity and scaling property of 2D DFT

16.Explain the basic principle of Hotelling transform.

17.Write about Slant transform.

18.What are the properties of Slant transform?

19.Define discrete cosine transform.

20.Explain about Haar transform.

21.What are the properties of Haar transform.

22.Write short notes on Hadamard transform.

23.Write about Walsh transform.

24.What is meant by image enhancement by point processing? Define spatial domain.Discuss some of the techniques. 

25.Define histogram of a digital image. Explain how histogram is useful in image enhancement?

26.Write about histogram equalization.

27.Write about histogram specification / matching. 

28.Write about Local enhancement.

29.What is meant by image subtraction? Discuss various areas of application of image subtraction.

30.What is image averaging process. Explain 

31.Discuss about the mechanics of filtering in spatial domain. Mention the points to be considered in implementation of neighbourhood operations for spatial filtering. 

32.What is smoothing spatial filters. 

33.What is meant by the Gradiant and the Laplacian? Discuss their role in image enhancement. 

34. Distinguish between spatial domain and frequency domain enhancement techniques. 

35. Explain about Ideal Low Pass Filter (ILPF) in frequency domain.



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