10. What is rectangular waveguide

Thursday, 27 February 2014

10. What is rectangular waveguide

Rectangular waveguide is one of the types of waveguides.The shape of it is a hollow metallic tube with rectangular cross section as shown in the figure with dimension 'a' along x axis and dimension 'b' along y axis.


♦ Electric and magnetic fields of the signal is confined within the waveguide and no power is lost.

♦ Since normally waveguide are air filled a dielectric loss exists but negligible.Also some power lost as heat at walls of the waveguide but small.

♦ Possible to send several electromagnetic waves simultaneously through waveguide

♦ A rectangular waveguide supports TE and TM modes but not TEM waves

♦  A given waveguide have a cut off frequency for each mode, below which attenuation takes place.

♦ The dominant mode in rectangular waveguide is TE10

♦ The mode supported by the waveguide is determined by the dimensions of the waveguide and the dielectric inside the waveguide.



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